At All Wrapped Up we offer a complete service to take away the stress of event planning. We offer a complete venue styling experience

From us you will receive an unrivalled service with top notch attention to detail and a team who will go above and beyond to ensure your special day exceeds your expectations.

No Wedding is too big or small for our team, Maybe you want a couple of balloons to dress the room or maybe you want to take advantage of our wedding planning packages.


Some of our services include:

• Balloons

• Centrepieces

• light up letters

• Chair covers

• Table cloths

• Starlight backdrops

• flower walls and backdrops

• aisle carpets and plinths

• wedding post boxes


Wedding_Decor_001  Wedding_Decor_002

Wedding_Decor_003  Wedding_Decor_004

Wedding_Decor_005  Wedding_Decor_006

Wedding_Decor_007  Wedding_Decor_008

Wedding_Decor_009  Wedding_Decor_010

Wedding_Decor_011  Wedding_Decor_012

Wedding_Decor_013  Wedding_Decor_014

Wedding_Decor_015  Wedding_Decor_016

Wedding_Decor_017  Wedding_Decor_018

Wedding_Decor_019  Wedding_Decor_020

Wedding_Decor_021  Wedding_Decor_022

Wedding_Decor_023  Wedding_Decor_024

Wedding_Decor_025  Wedding_Decor_026

Wedding_Decor_027  Wedding_Decor_028

Wedding_Decor_029  Wedding_Decor_030

Wedding_Decor_031  Wedding_Decor_032

Wedding_Decor_033  Wedding_Decor_034

Wedding_Decor_035  Wedding_Decor_036

Wedding_Decor_037  Wedding_Decor_038

Wedding_Decor_039  Wedding_Decor_040

Wedding_Decor_041  Wedding_Decor_042

Wedding_Decor_043  Wedding_Decor_044

Wedding_Decor_046  Wedding_Decor_047

Wedding_Decor_048  Wedding_Decor_049

Wedding_Decor_050  Wedding_Decor_051

Wedding_Decor_052  Wedding_Decor_053

Wedding_Decor_054  Wedding_Decor_055

Wedding_Decor_056  Wedding_Decor_057

Wedding_Decor_058  Wedding_Decor_059

Wedding_Decor_060  Wedding_Decor_061

Wedding_Decor_062  Wedding_Decor_063

Wedding_Decor_064  Wedding_Decor_065

Wedding_Decor_066  Wedding_Decor_067

Wedding_Decor_068  Wedding_Decor_070


Wedding_Decor_072     Wedding_Decor_071  

Wedding_Decor_073  Wedding_Decor_074


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We can be contacted as follows:

  EMAIL:   EMAIL: Phone PHONE: 07886 569134

We cannot always answer the phone immediately if we are setting up events so would always recommend that you email us in the first instance