Light up Numbers

Light up Numbers

Our light up Numbers are one of our most popular ranges. They create such a wow factor and are actually very affordable to hire from us

Standing at an imposing 4ft tall and set with diamond style super bright lights

Mains operated and fully PAT tested to give your venue complete peace of mind

Whether you want to hire them on their own, with a balloon garland, with Balloons Clusters or with a backdrop, they make an event look so special.

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We hire out our Light Up Numbers for all kinds of events:

Special Events




Above shows White, Blue and Pink lighting on our Light up Numbers

104103124_314645829554436_3473865249019607094_n    104310702_581898612468501_4274003114977972335_n



IMG-20190119-WA0002    104227827_674211463125994_922077462641339555_n




Above shows one of our Numbers and Balloon package, including numbers 3 and 0 with a Balloon Garland

20200208_164457    68825784_10157294802103913_2285321200206872576_o

Above shows examples of our Light up 3 and 0 packages.
Above left is the Numbers and Garland package.
Above right is the numbers on thier own.

72389639_2724781194233984_839902171257432163_n    75279211_10157503893418913_8709485861382651904_o

Above shows our Light Up Numbers in Pink



100322903_1650236045133181_7732108504911052800_n    104352708_2308009896171315_2435824372361612884_n

62359229_10157119964148913_5039772534170451968_n    IMG-20190223-WA0000


IMG-20191221-WA0005    IMG-20191221-WA0021

103968545_573967346637259_1051859968465149185_n    104217849_1178309952553177_3523467507191642474_n

Above left is a 6 and 0 with a Balloon Garland.  Above Right is a 6 and 0 with a Balloon Clusters.

20190810_155534    69273475_237083253854825_2936813123309456559_n


84387017_2637125626393905_6573285119850063804_n    IMG-20190712-WA0000



We can be contacted as follows:

  EMAIL:   EMAIL: Phone PHONE: 07886 569134

We cannot always answer the phone immediately if we are setting up events so would always recommend that you email us in the first instance